Ashlee Busch is a Phoenix, Arizona based composer who enjoys working in a variety of musical mediums including chamber, large ensemble, remixing, arranging, electronic, electro-acoustic, and collaborative compositional arts. Ashlee received her Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University in 2011 where she studied under Bill Ryan.

Ashlee completed her Master’s degree in music composition at Michigan State University in the Spring of 2014. She then returned to Grand Rapids to pursue commissions with Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, and Kalamazoo College while collaborating with video game record label Materia Collective as well as area artists and art galleries. Ashlee began Doctoral studies at Arizona State University in the fall of 2018.

As Ashlee is pursuing her doctoral program, she enjoys working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant instructing first and second years music undergraduates in aural skills, theory, and sight singing. Ashlee is also enjoying teaching with the faculty of Scottsdale Community College developing exciting and invigorating curriculum in the areas of music theory, music technology, and composition.

Ashlee finds the most gratifying compositional experiences to be collaborations with other musicians as well as artists in other fields. Our fast-paced, economically driven world demands that artists rethink our approach in bringing our products to the community. Ashlee eagerly accepts that challenge.

Curriculum Vitae