January 2019

Video Game Menu Music Gets Its Own Tribute Album


Mike Fahey

The music we listen to as we play our favorite games is nice, but what about the music we hear when we aren’t playing? The Materia Collective community celebrates the music of the start screen with Menu: An Homage To Game Title Themes, a 52 track remix album featuring music from Final Fantasy, The Witcher, Mario Kart, Doki Doki Literature Club and more.

Sometimes we only hear these tunes for a brief moment before pressing start. Other times we leave them running in the background for ages while doing other things. Game titles themes and menu music are some of the best earworms, and the Materia Collective community has done beautiful things with it. You can hear some of that in the trippy teaser trailer they put together for the album.
I’ve been listening to the album all weekend. So far my favorites are Fabian Fabro’s delightful take on the theme to
Doki Doki Literature Club and David Russell’s rendition of the file select music from Super Mario 64.

Here’s the track listing for Menu, complete with links to the songs on Bandcamp, where the entire album can be purchased digitally for $16 (or more). Menu can also be found on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.